Staying in Study

Your time at university will be some of the best, most challenging years of your life. The most important thing you can do at university is stay there! Research and plan your health career goals. Print them out! Stick them on your fridge or wharepaku door - anywhere you can so that you are always motivated to keep going.

Lean on your support network

Don't try and do everything yourself. No one can work 24/7. Your whānau, friends, lecturers and tutors are there to support you - so ask for it! If you are feeling stressed have a kōrero with your whānau, teachers, friends or flat mates. Let them know you are finding it tough. It may surprise you how they can help you!

Get involved with the community. Make friends, join clubs, and take advantage of the student perks! Most campuses have a range of clubs and associations. Māori student associations often have free kai and social activities running throughout the year. Surround yourself with others who are studying and you will be inspired to keep going. But remember university isn't all about the social life - you have to hit the books too!

Get Organized!

Be smart about your time management with assignments. Buy a diary to record your deadlines and plan out your course work. Look at what assignments and exams are worth the most and concentrate your study time on them. Is there one paper you have to pass to get into second year? Go hard out for that paper! Keep all of your study notes together; you can use them in other courses. If you are smart about your time and energy you will find that you can complete assignments quicker and will be better prepared for your exams.

Make friends with a librarian!

If you don't know where the library is on campus - get a map and find it. The library is not just for geeks and know-it-alls. You will find everything you need for your studies there. Books, computers, even old exam papers! It's a great quiet place to study and over the exam period they are open late. If you know you are likely to get distracted at your whare by the TV or noisy flatmates, then head to the library to get some quality studying done.

Kia maia, kia manawanui!

Be brave and persevere! Even though university may be tough at times it is important to always keep your Health career goal in sight. Three to six years of your life spent at university now can lead to a life long successful career in health.