Study Tips

So you've done the hard yards by getting through a year of kura or semester of classes, now you just need to ace your exams!

So here's what you do. Check out these 10 revision tips. Use as many of them as you can.

E ai ki te kōrero, ma te parakatihi ka ea, e hoa - yeah, practice makes perfect!

  1. Study space. Choose a quiet airy, well-lit place to study, which may or may not be your own room.
  2. Revision timetable. Set regular routines of study. Set study goals, daily and weekly. Use these to develop your revision timetable.
  3. Make notes. Don't just read through your class notes. Cut these down into smaller notes. Yes, summarise your own notes. By doing this you're forcing yourself to connect more info together and therefore, remember more.
  4. Ask your teacher/ lecturer. Your kaiako is there for a reason - make sure you use them, don't be shy. Ask them to recommend what's useful to revise and make sure you do!
  5. Questions and answers. Write out some questions and answers and see how you go at remembering your mahi. Ask your kaiako, classmates, or even better some of your study group mates to look over your mahi and assure you're on track.
  6. Listen in. Recite your notes onto a tape recorder or your IPOD/ MP3 player, then you can listen in whenever you want - in the car, on the bus, at the gym, in bed, anywhere.
  7. Prompts. Place sticky notes with key words and phrases around your whare, so you'll see them often. Fridge? Wharepaku? Best to find the places you go a lot so that you look at them often.
  8. Seek help. Don't go it alone. A problem shared is a problem halved. So recruit your whānau to help you to go over questions or talk to you about your mahi. Try out a study group - they can be a lot of help as you are all in the same boat. Don't be shy!
  9. Past papers. Checking out old exams is a really good way of knowing what to expect in the exam. A lot of them are available in libraries, online or from your kaiako. Try practicing on some of the old exams to see how you go.
  10. Relax. Me whakataā. Probably the most important step, because if you panic you're lost, and nothing's going to sink in when you are worried.
    • Have lots of breaks - get up and move around for 10 minutes every hour. Go make a coffee, walk around, see what everyone else in your whare is up to. But don't forget to go back and study after your break!
    • Eat Healthy, get some exercise and enough sleep - a lot of tauira push themselves hard and their health suffers. Look after yourself. Healthy body is a Healthy mind.
    • Reward yourself regularly - whether big or small, something to remind yourself why you're doing this mahi.
    • If stressed, ask for help - don't be shy, there's a lot of help out there - check it out!