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Kia Ora Hauora (KOH) the ‘Māori Health as a Career Programme’ is a national Māori health workforce development programme that was established in 2009 to increase the overall number of Māori working in the health and disability sector. We support growth in the Māori health workforce that is more reflective of the communities the workforce serves and supports.

Kia Ora Hauora engages with Māori students, current health workers, and community members seeking a career in health. We promote health careers, both clinical and non-clinical. We are an information hub that provides knowledge, tools and resources to get you started on a health career pathway.

No matter what stage of the decision-making process you are in, we can assist and support a better understanding of the exciting professions in healthcare. We provide increased opportunities for Māori to see the ‘health sector in action’ through mentoring and local events. This includes open days, hospital visits, science days, wānanga, café, workshops and tertiary events.

The programme is sponsored by Tumu Whakarae, the National Reference Group of Māori Health Strategy Managers within District Health Boards and the Ministry of Health. Kia Ora Hauora is led by four regional District Health Board (DHB) hubs who actively deliver the programme within their regions.

Our Vision (Moemoeā)

Whakamau, Whakau, Whakaora i te Ao Māori!
Recruit, Retain and Revitalise the Māori health workforce!

Our Goal (Whāinga)

  • To support Māori into a health career
  • To increase the number of Maori health and disability workforce at all levels and professions

Our Strategy (Rautaki)

Healthcare is one of the most dynamic and growing fields, with a wide range of opportunities. We support students, current health workers, whanau and community members to make a positive, informed decision on a health career pathway. 

The Māori health workforce has a vital role in building the resilience of communities and health systems.

The Kia Ora Hauora workforce development strategy supports access to information and resources on health careers. The programme compliments and reinforces a range of related strategies that better align to population needs.


Our History (ngā hĪtori)

Kia Ora Hauora (KOH) was established in 2009 to increase the overall number of Māori working in the health and disability sector in response to the national shortage of health sector workers - and the demand for more Māori health professionals in that sector.

Kia Ora Hauora has created an established place for Māori within the health workforce sector through collaborative relationships, formal partnerships, employer engagement and national communications.

The programme engages with ngā tauira (students) across secondary schools, wananga, polytechnics and universities. Kia Ora Hauora is an accessible programme supporting all ages who may want to choose a career in health.

KOH has the highest number of Māori registrations across any 'Careers Programme' in New Zealand.

Future Goals (Whāinga)

Kia Ora Hauora has a priority focus to increase Māori employment in District Health Boards to reflect their local populations by 2025. This means 6,500 new Māori health workers in the next seven years across the health sector.

Nationally, Māori health workforce development is a key strategy for supporting Māori participation in the health sector.  Building capacity through robust targeted approaches in line with the national and local workforce needs. Kia Ora Hauora is investing in the growth of Māori workforce in the health sector.

What's on our Website?

The Kia Ora Hauora website contains a range of helpful information targeted at various Māori audiences. We encourage career advisors to utilise our website to assist their students in success.

Students can access health careers information and support aimed at encouraging a health career, staying in study and understanding the variety of employment opportunities in health. We encourage adults to enter the health workforce, no matter what range of experience you may currently have.

We also provide information on support available for study and finances. The site enables access to Māori student mentors, information and updates on regional initiatives, as well as scholarships (but you have to be registered with us to view scholarships!)

Explore our website to see all the exciting things we offer or reach out to us if you have any questions.


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