Find out what scholarships are on offer.  The time spent could be well worth it to achieve your dream.

There are many scholarships available for tauira Maori from tertiary institutes, District Health Boards, iwi, hapū trusts and the Government.  The secret is finding out about the ones you can apply for, and then applying for them! It will take a little bit of time to put your applications together, but it will be worth it!


There are lots of scholarships on offer for different careers and where you are in the journey. We've put together a database of scholarships specifically for Health studies and Maori students. There’s a few ways you can search the database:

  • Region: Enter the region you wish to attend studies and results will appear for that specific area.
  • Keyword Search: Enter keywords that apply to you, for example - Nursing, Auckland, Undergraduate and see what the search produces.
  • Defined field search: Narrow down your scholarship search - Choose the level, (secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate) Where, What (General Health, Māori, Māori Health) Specific health careers (ie Medicine, mental health, nursing etc.) and see what the search produces.

You can also sort scholarships alphabetically, by relevance, or by closing date. The database will then produce search result summaries which you can click on to find out all the information you need.


Check out our scholarships tips page for some advice on how to find the right scholarships for you to apply for, and then how you can put in a great application.



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